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Practice Prayer

Practice Prayer

If you keep your palms upside down,
 how can you hold the blessings in your palm.
 So to receive the prayers also,
 to receive the blessings also,
 you are to turn your palm the right way up and receive it.
 Praying is that.
 Although we know that the blessings are around,
 but to be aware of the blessings. We’re to put our palm the right way up
 so that it comes into our palm. 
That is the prayer which has the maximum power.
– Swami Shraddhananda, ‘Eli’

Mother Earth needs our prayers

The best prayer
Is wordless prayer.

No words
It’s giving. Just give.
And just be quiet and merge.

Just pray with total surrender,
in complete faith…
and that prayer collectively done
will generate the positive healing energy for all of us.
Not asking for anyone special,
not even for the betterment of general life.
Just surrender and praying.

So I would request each one of you to at least have some sort of regularity, preferably daily – maybe even five minutes is okay – but do it every day at the same point of time, 5 o’ clock in the morning, 6 o’ clock in the morning, 9 o’ clock in the morning, 9.09 at night, whatever. But do it at the same time every day at least once. That will put you into a system whereby your system is going to respond to the universal call. This is what I want to tell each one of you. Please try to be regular so far as the clock is concerned.

– Swami (Eli) Shraddhananda


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