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Practice Meditation

Practice Meditation

In meditation we can laydown, sit on the ground or on a chair, stand or even walk with eyes closed or open with a straight back anywhere at anytime. Just let the natural breath come and go. By giving focus on your breath in the first place you will be directly shifted into the present moment. By just following the breath there are no thoughts of the past or of the future. When thoughts arise, acknowledge them and let them go their ways immediately. Finally let also the focus of the breathe go and just be there with your true self & smile.


Let’s start the Meditation

I Posture

Gently close your eyes and keep them closed during the entire meditation.
Let the jaw, shoulders, legs and feet completely relaxed.
Scan the whole body that every muscle is relaxed
& smile during the entire meditation.

II Breath

Just breathe easy, soft & peaceful through the nose & follow the natural breath.
Feel the breath floating through our lovely heart and be centered.
If a thought is coming up just accept it & let go immediately.
Come back to the breath & gently smile.

III Awareness

Be totally awake & enjoy the moment of Life.
Become aware of that we all breathe the same air.
Feel the connection to mother earth and to everything else.
Our heart & our light is pulsating in a harmonic rhythm.
Let us all breathe & heal together in unity
& let meditation happen by itself.



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