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Practice breathealing

The 3 Steps of


Breathe with intuition

Every new set of breathealing is a whole new experience

Therefore it is important to practice
with total awareness
Day & Night


Before starting please pay attention to yourself
and please try not to force anything!
Please lay down comfortably
during the whole


Repeat Step 1, 2 & 3

15 minutes daily

Step 1

repeat Step 1 min 3 times


Fully inhaling min of 3 times with the nose in the Belly, Chest & Head
until the body, the lungs the head is full of energy / oxygen


Fully & gently Exhalation 3 times with the mouth
until the shoulders are relaxed

Step 2


Hold the air for at least 5 seconds
 gently tensing the central region of the head

Step 3

Let go

Fully & relaxed exhalation 3 times
until the whole body is totally relaxed


Repeat Step 1, 2 & 3

15 minutes daily



& Relaxation

After some powerful sets of breathealing it is time to
Meditate, Pray or lay down on the ground in
Shavasana feel the healing & be awake
or having a wonderful Sleep 🙂

breathealing Workshops 

available Online, Personal, for Business or in Public..

in Kindergarden, Schools & Universities
Business, Organizations & Communities
Healing Centers & Rehab Clinics
For Children without parents
Retirement homes


Let’s create
breathealing Workshops
in your City


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breathealing Instructor?

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