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Core Values of
Global Meditation Movement

Core Values of
Global Meditation Movement

I. WE-Enlightenment

The ultimate ideal of the Global Meditation Movement is the liberation of humanity from the threefold suffering through integration of physical health, mental balance and spiritual self-realization.
Enlightenment is our true state of being, in which we are still since birth. But we lose & forget this state in todays society at a young age through emotional problems, fears, uncertainties and ignorance.

Through daily practice of meditation, breathealing and yoga we systematically cleansing all our body layers day by day and free ourselves from unwanted ballast. This creates automatically a life of ease and bliss.

Global Meditation Movement provides very easy-to-learn techniques for self-healing for all kinds of layers of our being. Through constantly development of self-consciousness, we are going to be absolutely healthy. We finally achieve holistic health of body, mind and soul. The upcoming integration of interconnectedness will automatically lead us as humanity to WE-Enlightenment.

II. Ahimsa

The Global Meditation Movement cultivates Non-Violence or Ahimsa, in thoughts, words and actions. With this lifetime practice we are shifting together from the head into the heart – from duality into unity


Being at peace with the inner world
Creates peace in the outer world
Every being has a right for living
The rule of life, is life itself
Be kind to yourself &
Be kind to others
Be in harmony
with every..


III. Responsibility

With respect to the current global awakening and the increase in global consciousness, humanity is shifting from problem-oriented to solution-oriented action. The current global problems therefore becoming positive challenges that humanity acting as one consciousness is going to solve harmoniously in a very short time.

Humanity acting as one consciousness manifest:
+ The possibility of education for everyone world-wide
+ New sustainable living space for further generations
+ Non-Violence towards all living beings
+ Complete rehabilitation of nature
+ Healing of humans and animals
+ Equal rights in all areas

The increase of world-wide altruism, in which we want and in which we do as much good for each other as we do for ourselves, develops each individual into responsible living beings because..

..we are going to manifest peace for the world
only through peace in ourselves




Let’s breathe & heal in synchronicity
for a new way of interconnectedness between
humans, animals & mother nature
living togther in harmony

Let’s get