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Welcome to India:
spiritual Rishikesh


Arriving in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, the place where people try to reach themselves, the inner light, the spiritual Master, or simply the truth of being.
We are coming to Rishikesh because of Meditation and above all the “Maha Yog Dhyan Kumbh – 2”. It is a spiritual festival, with various lectures, meditations and the sharing of meditation experiences.

On the way to our hostel, we may experience the magic of Rishikesh with a wonderful sunrise above the mountains and „Mother Ganga“.
The Water shines clear blue in the warm light of the sun and even the first meditation on the bank of the river rises an inner feeling of peace.

Time for Meditation

Every morning from 5-8 o’clock, the main Meditation with Brahmarshi Patriji is taking place.
He is a very approachable spiritual master. In addition, Patriji is the initiator of the Maha Kumbh and especially, the founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) and the Pyramid Valley in Bangalore, India.
His mission is, to connect people through meditation with their self and to bring humanity to the vegetarian and non-violent way of life.

Because of the cool weather in the morning, we wrap ourselves in big scarfs. Then we dive into a deep Meditation, to classical sitar and Indian flute music.
Then, 3 hours later while opening the eyes after the Meditation, the light of the rising sun and the special feeling of the infinite connection with the whole becomes perceptible.

After the meditation, our way leads us on top of the roof of our hostel.
We experience a special calmness in India like never before. The active and powerful life in the streets fades completely. Only the present moment is perceived, so as we feel totally free and let go of all thoughts.

Get together

Rishikesh is a meeting place which combines yoga, meditation and spiritual topics on an international level.
Moreover, you will meet many people from all over the world on the streets. They are spending time with themselves or in groups, walking around the ashrams and temples.

Many people are going across the famous bridge to the other side of the river, so that they can get some samosas (delicious, dumplings filled with potatoes, vegetables and wonderful, intense spices) and relaxe on steps right on the riverbank.
As a matter of fact, the experience of the calming and balancing effect of the river makes it clear why „Mother Ganga“ is worshiped by all.

See you soon

After all we are very grateful for the experiences and especially for this wonderful scenery of Rishikesh. It was a pleasure to be here also to take some shootings for our worldwide documentary and the Global Meditation Movement videos on meditation and the inner smile.

In summary, Rishikesh is absolutely worth the journey.
In case, you are interested in Meditation, Yoga practice and spiritual retreats, you are in very good hands and you can gently arrive in the fast life of India.
Especially to say is how quickly you can let go of everyday life through the healing nature, River Ganga and the mountains shortly before the Himalayas.

thank you dear Rishikiesh!
Namasté ∞ ♥ ॐ




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