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Welcome to India:
1. Month

Welcome to India

For over two weeks now we have been in this wonderful, colorful & varied country of India.

A part of the Global Meditation Team will realize projects, such as making a worldwide documentary, in which we will pursue the following essential questions:


  • How do we reach peace and harmony for ourselves?
  • How we are going to manage in community as a global collective to manifest peace on earth?

In order to meet this high standard, it is also of great importance for the Global Meditation Film Crew to have a certain standard of physical, mental and spiritual health.

For this reason, at the beginning of our journey, we are going to complete a self-retreat lasting several weeks, which we would like to introduce to our readers in this series.

The first week Self-Retreat

We are currently located on the coast, in the south of Goa, in a very quiet and secluded spot. The wide and mostly empty beach with shady palm groves is particularly well suited for extensive meditations, demanding endurance runs, all-encompassing yoga and breathealing.

Self-Retreat daily routine


1. Meditation

At 07:00am we are doing the first meditation on the beach. This serves to calm the mind and to prepare the body through deep breaths.

2. Jogging

This is followed by a 30-minute endurance run. This makes you really awake in the first place! 🙂 At temperatures that are already quite high, physical toxins / slag are well directed through the pores and the metabolism is optimally activated.

3. Yoga

After the endurance run, the body looks forward for a long session of classical yoga. Each of us is doing a yoga exercise one after another. This guarantees us daily a very diversified yoga program, which intuitively adapts to the daily needs of the body.

Starting strengthenen, stretching and relaxing all the bigger parts of the body. Coming slowing to the ground by stretching the smaller parts of the body. Our Exercises on the floor like Yoga Mudra have a very special psychosomatic effect on body, mind and soul.

Individual yoga exercises as well as entire yoga routines and even yoga classes can be done interactively in the upcoming Global Meditation Academy.

4. breathealing

If the spine is beautifully flexible and the breathing channels are well activated, we start cross-legged, in the lotus or lying down with the breathealing.
We practice GM breathealing techniques:
I. Body II. Spirit III. soul

The run of life

In the morning of the fifth day we start as usual up the beach. After about one kilometer we can see in 300 meters, how out of nowhere a herd, consisting of about 40 black cows with long horns on the beach coming in our direction. Just before we reach the herd, we slow down, but when the shepherd calls us with a show of hands and a friendly “come”, we happily jog past the herd. What he does not explain to us is what to do on the way back!

We are on the way back, in good mood. As soon as we approach the herd, the first cow immediately begins to take off in our direction. After the one followed about 10 more full-grown bulls and race at full speed towards us. At this moment we have no choice but to run our lives. Never before have we felt so alive, as in this moment!
When the shepherd has calmed down the cows, he comes running to us with a big smile telling us that we should walk in future only at normal walking speed on a cow herd. Well, good to know that!

Thank you for this wonderful experience 🙂


In the early evening, after working productively on the laptop or behind the camera, we are back on the beach for the filming to complete the day with sun yoga, a deep breathing session and long meditation.

1. Sungazing

The sun provides light and warmth, lets plants grow and enables life on earth. Sungazing can cure many different diseases and you can be a lot more peaceful and balanced.

The technique of Sungazing has been around for hundreds of years and is widely used in a variety of cultures. Nowadays it is combined and researched with modern, scientific methods.

You should practice Sungazing only in the hour after sunrise or before sunset. You can start with 1-10 seconds and then increase by a few seconds every day.

At the end of the Sungazing we close our eyes to relax and put our hands on it.

(For expert information regarding Sungazin, we recommend to attend a nice workshop :))


2. Meditation

It flows from  Sungazing into a wonderful long anapanasati meditation (ānā: Inhalation, āpāna: Exhalation, sati: awareness). We are sitting cross-legged or in lotus in meditation for about 33 minutes in the first week.

3. breathealing

Before falling asleep, we practice the Wim Hof breathing technique for 8 minutes.
We breathe deeply in through the nose and relaxed out through the nose or mouth. The breaths are deep and go from the belly, over the chest to the head.
At the end of the breathing, the last breath is taken, the whole air is exhaled and the condition is kept like in a vacuum. Through the previously deep breaths, the whole body is wonderfully flooded with oxygen and you can feel how the energy flows through the whole organism and heals us.

Completely relaxed and satisfied, we now dive into a restful sleep.



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