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śava = corpse           āsana = posture

– There is nothing else to do in Shavasana –

By practicing Yoga, we build up strength, breathe harmoniously and activate our own energy.
After the vitalizing asanas, we lay down in the position of Shavasana.

This final relaxing posture allocates our energy (Prana) constantly through our whole body.

Benefits of Shavasana

We achieve:

+ the reduction of stress hormones
+ the supporting of healing processes
+ a renewal of inner strength and calm

Practice of Shavasana

In Shavasana we’re laying down with a straight spine and a long back. The legs are hip-wide open and the feet fall soft to the left and right side.
Both arms lay in a comfortable distance next to our body and the palms are faced up.


Now is the beginning of absolute inactivity

+ let go of thoughts
+ pure relaxation
+ peaceful breathing
+ let healing takes place


The seemingly simplest practices often have the highest claim

One who solves all tensions in the body and calms the thoughts of mind, can also master the disruptions of the environment. ♥


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