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Prayer of the Universe

Prayer of the Universe

THE REAL PRAYER IS A CALL OF LOVE (every day, even for just 2 minutes, at the place and time that you prefer)

True prayer is visualizing with our heart, all together, the planet Earth enveloped by the light of love, visualizing its amazing future of love. There is no need for any preconceived form of prayer: pre-built words could restrict the free expression of our soul. Prayer needs no items, statues, nor altars to kneel down before.

True God is the infinite energy of love filling the whole Universe and animating all beings. This energy is present everywhere on planet Earth and everyone can perceive it through the sensitivity of their heart. This love energy is life energy, creative energy. Everything was born from God, that is, the energy of love living in the Universe. So, everything that existes is a child of God, even planet Earth and us, the human beings. When God created the Universe with Its creative energy, since we are Its children, It infused the same creative energy within ourselves. So, let’s wish with all our best resolution that all people on Earth, through the eternal life of their soul, can forgive each other with love, encourage each other, live their life and grow together with love, helping each other, rejoicing, praising God together, loving each other so that the world can be a place like that.

Let’s visualize all countries united in love on planet Earth and all people cooperating with joy and harmony. Once we have visualized that, let’s firmly believe in this creation with the highest intensity of our heart. This is God’s will. Let’s make all this come true on this wonderful planet. Let’s act having this goal in our heart. Let’s believe all together in the bright future of our planet. Let’s talk to each other with love. If we live accordingly with the Law of the Universe, all of this will come true. When we embrace in our heart the bright image of a planet Earth full of love, we attract that realization.
This is the right way to use our thought.
Getting far from our soul, following materialism or chasing after selfish desires, feeds the dark energy. We must not be influenced by the terror spread around by this absurd society. Stop feeling, even on an unconscious level, that twisted pleasure you find going through toxic habits. The void created by our inner weaknesses must be filled with love. Let’s take much more care of our inner freedom and pureness.
True prayer heads to God’s light, in order to realize love and wish for pure happiness for all the children of God. So let’s turn our heart to God with all ourselves.
This call of love is called prayer.
A desperate prayer attracts negative energy. Prayer doesn’t mean asking for selfish desires to be satisfied.
We are Earth children. By God we are asked to be in charge of the evolution of this planet. So let’s visualize all together planet Earth as bright and filled with light as possible; let’s fill it with the beauty of our love. Let’s create together the planet Earth of love. When we pray all together, an incredible amount of love energy reaches us from the source of the Universe and our prayer is fulfilled, just in the same way as God created every living being.

When more and more people start to wish for pure love, accidents will gradually fade away from this planet and a future filled with love, full of the light of God will come forth. Real prayer is the act of calling Universal God and your own soul divine essence at the same time. The will of God dwells in everybody’s heart, and that is exactly what a soul’s divine essence is about.
Prayer can be practiced anytime, anywhere. It only depends on the will of each one.


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