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Meditation in 3 easy Steps

Meditation is very easy! 🙂

Meditation infact is our true state of being.
After we are born, living as a child, we are full of happiness and joy most of the time.

As we grow older, Thoughts, Emotions, Fears & Traumas are get stucked on our being. This makes us nearly unable to find the way to our true state anymore.

But we have very good news for you!
Meditation at the same time is a universal tool, to get free of all this. In Meditation we cleaning up all of our Thoughts, Problems, unwanted Emotions, Fears and Traumas within 3 easy Steps:

1) Posture
Straight Spine & gentle Smile

2) Breath
Be with your natural breath.
Beginn to breathe slowly trough your heart / trough your chest

3) Awareness
Be aware & awake during the whole meditation. If thoughts and emotions coming up – just Smile to them and come back to your normal natural breath.

So practice meditation every day at the same time (in the beginning, just for 5 minutes) and you will cleaning up your whole being of unwanted ballast every single day. You will be free and full of joy and happiness again. You are going to find the way to your true state of being again and realize your true self.

If we can Smile to our Problems, Fears & Traumas inside,
we are very able to face all our challenges in the world around us.

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Stay meditated ♥ ♥ ♥

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