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Enjoy the amazing year 2018 of Global Meditation Movement ♥

Enjoy the amazing year 2018 of Global Meditation Movement ♥

In this year, our team has developed in such a beautiful way and expanded with wonderful souls.
With our united energy, Global Meditation Movement litterally started rolling.

We have shared the art of meditation, breathealing, and self-healing through over 30 guided Global Meditations, breathealing sessions, and workshops and could reach so many people.

On the 12th of September our association Global Meditation Movement was founded in the circle of eight 8 beautiful souls in Nuremberg.

We established ourselves at a festival with a 3-day breathealing workshop, held our first official breathealing session and held our first Global Meditation experience Workshop in Nürnberg.

Furthermore, the filming of our worldwide documentary in Germany, Bosnia and India has already begun.

So thank all of us of the Global Meditation Team, thank you to all meditation & workshop leaders & all friends ♥

May we continue to kindle the light of knowledge, consciousness, love and peace in such a wonderful way and spread it all over the world.

You are very welcome to be a part of the Global Meditation Movement, by setting up a GMM Base in your City, build up a community and spread Meditation & Selfhealing all over the world.

Together we are ONE ♥

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Stay meditated ♥ ♥ ♥

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