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About Yoga

Yoga means Union

Yoga unifies body mind and soul in eight fundamental steps or eight limbs. The whole path of yoga provides very simple tools & techniques for the daily life to evolve from ignorance to true inner peace. Following the path of yoga always leads into meditation – a state where the fluctuation of thought ends. The mind becomes still, we are one with everything and all that is.

Global Meditation Movement integrates the pure essence of yoga – written down in the Yoga Sutras thousands of years ago – in all areas of the organization both philosophically and practically.

Background of Yoga

Yama & Niyama

Beginning with the ethical codex Yama (Non-Harming or peaceful behaviour, truthfulness, nonstealing, moderation, generosity) and Niyama (purity, contentment, austerity, self-study & surrender). They are the foundation of timeless and universal good behavior. Without integrating them in our life, no spiritual progress is possible.


Before having a healthy mind and a joyful soul, we must treat our body in the right way on a regular daily basis. The daily practice of Asanas or body postures are bringing flexibility in everyday life. They keep our muscles elastic, optimize our metabolism & the cell regeneration and protect us from social diseases, such as, back & knee pain, athritis, thrombosis and further more.


Millennia-old breathing techniques provide us in Pranayama through all body layers with life-giving highly regenerative life-force-energy. The art of breathing and the activation of selfhealing (mental reprogramming of our health) has been facilitated & adapted for these times by the Global Meditation Movement in very easy-to-learn breathing techniques as a present for whole humanity. This was realized with the help of modern breath masters such as Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji, Wim Hof, Sri Swami Maheshwaranandaji & Pramahansa Yogananda.

We simply call it breathealing. breathealing and can be learned in our Global Meditation experience Workshops and aswell in the upcoming Online Academy.

Pratyahara & Dharana

For Pratyahara, Pranayama and breathealing helping us to calm down the almost constantly active five senses . Conscious breathing leads directly in concentration or Dharana.


When the mind has become still for a period time and the thought waves have calmed, the state of Samadhi is realized. Samadhi is realized when we are one with our true self. If we feel the absolute connectedness with every atom, every living being in the whole universe. When we enlighten the shadows and the darkness of the unknown.

Samadhi or enlightenment is in the end our true state of being, in which we are already since our birth. Since early childhood, the pure soul has only been tainted with emotional problems, anxiety, insecurity and ignorance. This simply cleans up by our daily practice of yoga and meditation. So we are going to experience the state of joy & bliss more and more easier, in longer time periods and in the end constantly.

So with daily practice of Meditation, Yoga & breathealing we consciously purify our self through all body layers and at the same time we build up an immortal robe of pure joy & bliss around our soul and are eternally prepared for all upcoming challenges in life.





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