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Global Meditation Movement


Global Meditation Movement

Global Meditation Movement is an altruistic non-profit spiritual scientific organization / movement which is spreading the art of Meditation & breathealing all around the world. 

Group meditation has a tremendous positive impact on the mental and physical health of all living beings. Our common Global Mission therefore is to consciously connect humanity simply via the breath & the heart through synchronized Global Meditation with all indiviudals, spiritual groups, organizations and public facilities such as schools, universities and healing centers.

The resulting increase in global consciousness and integration of conscious interconnectivity via daily synchronized Global Meditation & Prayer unites us as humanity first to one collective, which leads finally to WE-Enlightenment (Self-healing, healing of our entire planet with all its oceans, forests & living beings).

Purely together we manifest the golden age of peace & harmony, healing & self-realization

Structure of

Global Meditation Movement

Global Meditation Movement gives Talks, Lectures, Workshops & Retreats World-Wide about the art of Meditation, Yoga & breathealing (selfhealing) to be ready to take root in this 21 century.
We love to create peaceful sustainable projectes with other individuals, initiatives, communites & organizations. Global Meditation Movement interconnects Planet Earth as a spiritual & sustainable Online Plattform and aswell as a physical Movement – growing from City to City. Everyone is very welcome to be a part of this beautiful Movement!


We love to realize sustainable projects all over the world
to support Humanity, Animals & Nature with sustainability & harmony.

Global Networking with

Artists, Blogs, Foundations, Initiatives, Yogis, Meditators,
Musicans, Temples, Retreats, Yoga & Meditation Centers…

Talks, Lectures, Workshops & Retreats

Living our life intuitively with nature our breath and with a open heart. We are providing Talks, Lectures, Workshops & Retreats for all kinds of Organizations & Public Facilities world-wide in:
Business, Kindergarten, Schools, Universities, Healing Centers, Rest homes, Prisions, Sports Clubs, Communites etc.

Global Meditation Movement
as a Non-Profit Organization

Being a sustainable Organization for Global Spiritual Entrepreneurs who dedicates their lives for spreading well-being around the world. Global Meditation Movement is creating a new way of interconnectness by interweaving todays society with economics & spirituality in a very harmonious way.


Let’s breathe & heal in synchronicity
for a new way of interconnectedness between
humans, animals & mother nature
living togther in harmony

Let’s get